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I started a Meet-Up group a few weeks ago called Desert Stand Up Paddling.  I searched the meet up web sites and did not find a group here in Las Vegas.  I than learned later that here is on already started called Paddle to the Core.  I am familiar with Paddle to the Core, I met Kathy a while ago when I first tried SUP.  I went tout to Lake Las Vegas and did a rental with her.  She had a half hour lesson and than an hour paddle for $30 and it was worth it.  I have a blast and was hooked.  I have been back a few time to paddle with her.  She has lot of different types of paddles boards and I tried several of the to get an idea of what is the right board for me.  I ended up buying a SUP ATX from the dealer in San Diego.  I was out there in June for Kylie’s graduation form USD and did a demo whith them.  I loved the board and bought a SUP ATX LR-15 12′ board.  I got a great deal on it and it came with  a carbon fiber paddle and case for the board.

Since than I have been out a few time on the board.  I took it to Parker Arizona with us and did a few trips up the river on it.  You have to go out early in the morning there because the river gets busy around 9 am with boaters wake boarding and such.  than after that it is like riding a bike on the freeway.   Just too many boats to be safe.  Also the boat wakes get to be a pain and I have a hard time standing up after a few wakes.  Non the less I love it.  I got a chance to have my son Isaac try it and he did well.

So I hope that the meet up group gets going soon.  I have 22 members but I don’t think any of them own a board for their own.  I have set up a few meet ups at Lake Las Vegas so they can rent but so far it has just been me.  I had a great tiem today on the water.  I paddled about 5.7 miles up and down the small lake.  I did a little exploring around some of the million dollar homes on the lake.  I would be nice to roll out of bed walk to the back yard and jump on your board or sailboat.  Or at the end of a hard long day to sit in the kayak paddling with a cold beer.

If you get a chance check it out.

Desert Stand Up Paddling


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