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A view of the Park

Today I decided to get out of bed early and make my wife a good Paleo breakfast.  I made her an omelet with peppers, onions, mushrooms (yuk) and it little cheese than added a few sliced avocado.  Of course no Paleo breakfast would be complete with out bacon.  I did the same for me, no fungus, and no cheese but I did it scrambled.  I had opened a can of coconut milk last night for the Salisbury Steak  I made for dinner.  I added some of the milk to the scrambled eggs and it helps keep the eggs fluffy.

So, after breakfast my wife left for work and I headed up to Lone Mountain for a hike.  This week I did something to my back and I have been really sore and tight.  I have had a long history with back problems and had surgery in 1984.  I was running track and field at USC and ended up watching the Olympic Games in Los Angeles from the hospital bed.  I knew that I need to get out and do some type of exercise and it will make me feel better.  I went to Lone Mountain for a hike.  I was thinking of going to Lake Las Vegas to  paddle board but the 30+ mile an hour winds killed that idea.

Lone Mountain is a small isolated mountain that is surrounded by homes and a new beltway.  It is really not a mountain but a large hill.  The summit is about 600 feet above the surrounding area and has a few routes to use for the hike.  I started from the parking lot at the City of Las Vegas Lone Mountain Park.  I started with a slight easy jog up the dirt road that leads to the mountain.  I was not able to jog the whole way but I am getting better and stronger.  Some day I will run the entire hike.  I started the climb from the North trail and worked my way up along the ridge line.  The wind caused this to be a little difficult and I really had to work hard to keep my balance.  According to my Garmin 305 my heart rate was around 160 bpm in the jog and down to 153 bpm for the hike up.

I made it to the summit and enjoyed the views for a little bit.  The wind made this difficult and it was hard to stand still.  I have noticed that I am getting a lot better with balance.  I am able to walk over rocks and keep a good strong balance.   After the hike I did a little work out in the park.  I found a good strong tree and did some pull ups.  When I started this Paleo-Journey I could only do 2-3 pull ups.  Now I can do 3 sets of ten.  At the park I did pull ups, push ups, and squats.  I feel great and my back is also feeling better.  It does a body good to get out and move.  By the way during the entire hike I enjoyed listening to the Latest in Paleo Podcast by  Angelo Coppola.  I can’t think of a better way to listen to the podcast.  Thanks Angelo.

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