30 Day Photo Challenge

I started my 30 Day Photo Challenge today 9-16-2011.  I want to get out and take more pictures, and this will be a good way for me to do that.  I will use my Canon DSLR as much as possible, however I will also use my iPhone if needed.  I was driving home from the store and drove by this cemetery with all the flags still out from the 9-11 remembrance.  They have placed a flag for every person lost in the 9-11 attacks as well as a wall mural with their names.  I was strange to look at the wall and see my name twice on it.  I will post some of the pictures here off and on but all of them will be posted every day on facebook.   At the end I will put together a 30 Day Challenge Slideshow.  

I hope to try to place some of the food recipes here that I have made.  Some are mine and some are ones that I found on the net.  Please let me know how you like them.



1 Lb Ground Beef

1 Lb Ground Sausage

1 Sweet Potato diced small

1/2 Onion diced

1 Green Apple Diced

1 Red Bell Pepper Diced

1 Mango

1 Avocado

Spinach Leaves

Salt and Pepper



Cook the ground beef and sausage and drain the excess fat.  I used a wok and put in a little coconut oil and heat it up.  I placed the onions, bell peppers, apples and sweet potatoes.  Cook for about 5 minutes until the onions and apples are soft.  Add a little water and cover to steam the potatoes.  Cook for about 10 minutes until the potatoes are soft.  Than mix in the ground beef and sausage and mix well.

I than place some spinach leafs on a plate, spoon some of the ground beef onto of the leafs.  I than place sliced avocados and mangoes around the plate.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper or season to taste.

I took a picture but the light was bad.  I will make it again and repost.








I started a Meet-Up group a few weeks ago called Desert Stand Up Paddling.  I searched the meet up web sites and did not find a group here in Las Vegas.  I than learned later that here is on already started called Paddle to the Core.  I am familiar with Paddle to the Core, I met Kathy a while ago when I first tried SUP.  I went tout to Lake Las Vegas and did a rental with her.  She had a half hour lesson and than an hour paddle for $30 and it was worth it.  I have a blast and was hooked.  I have been back a few time to paddle with her.  She has lot of different types of paddles boards and I tried several of the to get an idea of what is the right board for me.  I ended up buying a SUP ATX from the dealer in San Diego.  I was out there in June for Kylie’s graduation form USD and did a demo whith them.  I loved the board and bought a SUP ATX LR-15 12′ board.  I got a great deal on it and it came with  a carbon fiber paddle and case for the board.

Since than I have been out a few time on the board.  I took it to Parker Arizona with us and did a few trips up the river on it.  You have to go out early in the morning there because the river gets busy around 9 am with boaters wake boarding and such.  than after that it is like riding a bike on the freeway.   Just too many boats to be safe.  Also the boat wakes get to be a pain and I have a hard time standing up after a few wakes.  Non the less I love it.  I got a chance to have my son Isaac try it and he did well.

So I hope that the meet up group gets going soon.  I have 22 members but I don’t think any of them own a board for their own.  I have set up a few meet ups at Lake Las Vegas so they can rent but so far it has just been me.  I had a great tiem today on the water.  I paddled about 5.7 miles up and down the small lake.  I did a little exploring around some of the million dollar homes on the lake.  I would be nice to roll out of bed walk to the back yard and jump on your board or sailboat.  Or at the end of a hard long day to sit in the kayak paddling with a cold beer.

If you get a chance check it out.

Desert Stand Up Paddling

On Saturday I volunteered to help with the Leadman Triathlon Event at Lake Mead.  They need kayakers to lend assistance to the swimmers if needed.  So I got up at 3 am cooked a great primal breakfast and was off.  I was on the water as the sun was coming up. It was a awesome day on the water and well worth getting up early.  Just before the event started the photographer asked if he could ride with me so he can shoot close ups on the water.  My kayak has tramps between the kayak and out riggers, so they can lay down and shoot pictures.  I have attached some pictures I took with my iphone.

Had a great day with the wife.  We went to breakfast this morning, we both had a great California Omelet with a side of bacon.  After breakfast we went to go get a food dehydrator from Bed Bath and Beyond.  We picked up the  Nesco FD-61 Snackmaster® Encore Food Dehydrator.  We also got some extra trays.

After a quick stop at the market for fresh fruit and veggies we were off to make some great snacks.  I was getting the slicer ready when the blade slipped and sliced the tip of my finger.  The wife had to convince me to go to the Urgent Care.  I just wanted a band-aid but I could not get it to stop bleeding.  I finally agreed to go.  The doctor said I needed stitches because the cut was too deep.  I think the 4 shots he gave me was the most painful thing I have ever gone through. The medicine burned so bad I wished he would have just cut the finger off.  Well 7 stitches later I was back home slicing veggies.

We set up the dehydrator with apples, sweet potatoes, zucchini, green beans, and carrots.  In the second dehydrator I have we made another batch of beef jerky.  Now all I have to do is wait for 6-8 hours and see how they turn out.

Now for dinner.  I made Salmon with shredded Brussels Sprouts with pine nuts and stir fry green beans, snap peas with bacon.   I grilled the salmon wrapped in foil.  On the fish I placed lime slices and a little lime juice, salt and pepper.  For the Brussels Sprouts I shredded them  and grilled them in a pan of coconut oil garlic and pine nuts.  The stir fry was done in the wok with the little bacon grease.  It turned out great.

I want to start to post some of the meals that I eat on my blog.  I love to search the net and read different blogs.  I have found several recipes on different sites.  If i have the location of where I found it I will post the link as well.  Please forgive me if I found your recipe and used it here.  Please send me a email so I can give you credit.
This is the first one I am going to post.  It is a great goto meal and it is the one that convinced my wife to get on board with me.  I have used chicken tenders from from Sam’s Club, chicken breast cut in strips or chunks.   What ever works for you.  I made up a bunch of the season mix and store it in a old empty spice bottle.   I saw this one on Whole 9 Life  and love it.  Let me know what you think.
The Best Chicken Fajitas Ever


1.5 – 2 lbs. of “pastured” organic chicken breast
1 medium jicama (peeled and sliced into strips)
2-3 ripe mango (peeled and sliced into chunks)
2-3 ripe avocado (sliced into quarters)
1 red bell pepper (sliced into strips)
1 orange bell pepper (sliced into strips)
1 yellow bell pepper (sliced into strips)
1 large sweet onion (sliced into strips)
2 heads of Bibb or Butter lettuce
Cumin, chili powder, freshly ground black pepper (liberal amounts of each)
Sea salt to taste
1 bunch fresh cilantro (chopped)

Trim and pound chicken with a meat tenderizer until all slices are a consistent thickness.
Heat 1-2 tbsp of coconut oil in a pan (medium-high heat).
Once the oil is hot, mix spices together and sprinkle half directly into the pan.
Throw chicken on top of the spices, and sprinkle the other half of the spice mixture on top of the chicken.
Allow each side to blacken and sear (about 1 minute) before flipping.
When chicken is done, remove from pan and transfer to cutting board to slice into strips.
In the same hot pan (with leftover spices), sauté the peppers and onions.
Use the spatula to scrape blackened spices off the bottom of the pan, stir them right in with the veggies.
When pepper and onion mixture is cooked to desired tenderness (3-5 minutes), remove from pan and transfer to serving dish.
Fill the bottom of your plate with large leafs of lettuce.  Pile hot peppers and onion on top, surround with jicama, avocado and mango.
Drop the chicken on top of the whole glorious pile, top with freshly chopped cilantro

I went to the USC vs UCLA Track and Field Meet today.  It was the anniversary  1961 and 1986 track teams..  I competed at USC from 1982 to 1987 in the 800 meters and 1500 meters.  I enjoyed the day with my wife and friends.  I got to see and talk to several fellow team members that I have not seen in a long time.  I was amazed at how much the campus has changed and all the new buildings.  I thought I would post a couple of pictures as well.

The great part was that I was able to make it a Paleo day.  It was a great day to sit in the sunshine and get a good dose of vitamin D.  My wife and I would sit n the sun for a bit than get up and walk around the stadium and hang out in the shade, than go back for more sun.  The lunch they served was not the best Paleo food.  They had lasagna, grilled chicken, and spinach salad.  I took the spinach and placed a couple chicken breast on top and light with the dressing.  They also had fruit and cupcakes.  I pulled out the blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and a little melon.  It made me feel good to know that I can make good decisions and find a way to eat Paleo.

Speaking of eating Paleo, we were invited by our friend to go to their friends house for a Pizza night.  They did not know that I was eating Paleo and my wife said that I am sure I can find something to eat.  I enjoy being part of the tribe and sitting down with old friends and new friends is very important.  James is a great cook and he made some amazing pizza on the grill.  It was like eating at California Pizza kitchen with your own twist.  I took a bite of the different creations and they were awesome.  Some of the pizzas I ate by pulling off the topping and eating it.  I tried to leave out as much cheese as I could.

They were also sampling different Belgian Beers.  I tried a shot of the three different types as well as a glass of wine and did not feel any effects from it. Overall I felt great the next day and did not have any issues.   Does this mean I can eat pizza again.  I don’t think so.  I found if I take it easy and not over do it I feel great.

I have a few pictures from the event to share.  The weather was great, in the mid 80’s clear and light wind.  It was so clear that you could see the downtown buildings and the mountains in the background with snow on top.

Here is a picture of my friends.  From left to right, Mike Gonzales my first roommate decathlete and my bobsled pilot, Jim Fisher ran the same event as me and we trained a lot together. Next to Jim is me and the big guy on the end is Rick Luiten.  Rick and I were roommates as well and have been friends for a long time.  Sitting down is Romney Mawhorter.  Romney is a distance runner and steeplechaser.  It was fun to see what they are all doing now.

This is a shot of the start finish line from the grandstand.  I have run a lot of laps on this track and there are a lot of memories.